How we keep the gas system safe

Safety is our top priority when it comes to designing, constructing, operating and maintaining our natural gas system. We monitor the system every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

Gas system inspections

We frequently patrol, survey and inspect every foot of our gas mains and services – all the way up to your gas meter – with sensitive instruments. These inspections meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. Neighborhood gas system inspections are conducted by PSE employees and by Hydromax USA.

We ensure our employees or contractors are easy to identify by:

  • PSE identification badges
  • Clothing clearly labeled with the PSE Logo
  • Business cards with contact information
  • Vehicles marked with a PSE logo or dual PSE logo and contractor logo

If you wish to verify the identity of the technician or have questions regarding the process, please call 1-888-577-2788 or email

Safe design and operation

PSE adheres to strict federal and state safety requirements governing the design, construction, and operation of our pipeline system. These regulations require the creation of comprehensive design, material, and construction specifications that are applied any time a new pipeline is built. Once in service, additional programs cover the safety of the pipeline and the public at large. Finally, PSE continually inspects and monitors the integrity of the pipeline system so that appropriate maintenance and replacement projects can occur to ensure the continued safe operation of the system. Please contact if you’d like more information about these integrity programs. If you’re reporting a gas leak, do not send an email; call our 24-hour customer service number 1-888-225-5773, so that we can dispatch a technician immediately.

Training and public education

We regularly train employees, contractors and emergency first responders so they are prepared to respond in the unlikely event of a natural gas emergency. We also educate customers and the general public about the importance of safety around natural gas. For more information or to request training, please contact


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